Meet Our Donors

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to Jacksonville State University. Here are their stories.

Greg Seitz

Athletic Director Steps Up to the Plate

Coaches come and go, but the one constant in JSU athletics has been the man calling the plays behind the scenes: Greg Seitz. Thanks to a gift in his estate plan, his legacy will continue for years to come.
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Claudette Smith

Retired Teacher Supports the Education of JSU Students

Raised in a family of Gamecocks, alumna Claudette Smith knew her gift to the University would make a difference in someone’s life. She created the Claudette Smith Endowed Scholarship to support JSU upperclassmen, particularly female student-athletes.
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Kathy and Jack Womack

Donors “Pay It Forward” with Large Commitments to JSU

Kathy and Jack Womack of Trussville, Alabama, never attended Jacksonville State University but have become so impressed with JSU they have made large gifts and a major planned commitment to ensure its continuing success.
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Kay Brown

Alumna Kay Brown Establishes Generous Scholarship Through Planned Giving

When Kay Brown attended JSU as a working mother, it took her 10 years to finish her degree. Knowing the difference every gift and scholarship makes for students with need, she established scholarships to help students cross the finish line—and the graduation stage.
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Michael Merriweather, Jr.

JSU Alum Establishes Major Planned Gift to the University

Inspired by the support he received during his time at the University, Michael Merriweather, Jr., hopes others will join him in giving back to JSU to help students succeed.
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Chris Reynolds with his wife Sharon

Chris Reynolds Gives Back to JSU

Chris Reynolds says he's grateful to the people who helped him pay his way through JSU. Now that he's able, he's returning the favor by giving back to his alma mater for future students.
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Ed Friar

JSU Grad Pays It Forward to His Alma Mater

During his time at JSU, Ed Friar’s plan to become an accountant mixed with his military family background to create a fulfilling career in the Alabama Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Audit Agency. Through a gift in his estate plan, Ed will help future students find success, too.
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Lawrence Sharp

Lawrence Sharp Gives Back to JSU

Jacksonville State University alum Lawrence Sharp has decided that now is the time to make a significant commitment to the University that he credits with helping him succeed in life.
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Don and Margaret Ann Martin

JSU Alum Don Martin Establishes Second Endowed Scholarship

Don Martin and his wife, Margaret Ann, have been active in supporting their alma maters since graduation. Their gifts to JSU will make a lasting impact on students for years to come.
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Jim Hixon

Alum Jim Hixon Makes Generous Commitment to JSU

Alum Jim Hixon is supporting future students, JSU athletics and the marching band with his generous gifts to JSU.
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Derrick and Warline Bryant

JSU Grad Makes Gift to Fund Scholarships

“I decided to give back to the institution that poured so much into me, and allowed me to find my passion in military leadership and developing interpersonal relationships,” Derrick says.
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Jim and Cindy Schoeneck

Alumni Make Planned Gifts to JSU

Jim and Cindy Schoeneck, both 1979 graduates of JSU, have made a significant planned gift to the university’s music and nursing programs.
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Emilea Smith Copeland

Emilea Smith Copeland Honors Son's Memory With Planned Gift for Scholarships

She has since added to the scholarship by making a provision in her will and life insurance policy to endow the fund so that the Rex Copeland Memorial Scholarship will help young people at the university in perpetuity.
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Darren Douthitt

Darren Douthitt Makes Substantial Planned Gift to JSU

According to Darren, "I grew up in a rural setting so JSU provided me an education beyond the academic realm….The University gave me an opportunity to break out of generational poverty and my college education has had a tremendous impact on my family."
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Danny and Ro Bryant, Ruby Rose, Heather, Mark and Samuel Royce Saltzman

Son Honors Father at JSU Stadium Club

Through a generous gift of $100,000 by Danny and Ro Bryant, the fifth floor entrance of Stadium Tower has been named the Samuel Royce "Mutt" Bryant Lobby in memory of Danny's father.
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Miriam and James Haywood

Remembering Miriam Haywood

"She and James helped a lot of young people go to college at Jacksonville State. They subsidized scholarships; they did anything that was needed to take this school to the next level. They were so caring of young people and the education of young people."
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Greg Swindall

Giving Back to the Institution He Loves

"We must make the most out of everything that is given to us and give back to those that helped mold us. I firmly believe it is our duty to give back, to serve, and help the next generation be better than the one that we are a part of now," he says.
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Gary O. Lewis

Becoming an Immortal Link to JSU

According to Gary O. Lewis, a '92/'94 Jacksonville State University alumnus, it is never too early to establish a link to the chain of support for your alma mater. Soon after he graduated, Gary linked himself to JSU in a way that would allow him to begin helping students like himself.
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Dewey and Brenda Tate

From a Very Humble Beginning: Dewey E. Tate, Class of 1962

Giving back is important to Dewey and his family. He gives back to JSU because it "provided a way to earn a college degree for someone without money." He says, "...That degree changed my life in many positive ways, giving me a better life than I would otherwise have had."
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Reed Menger

Football Team's Efforts to Be Bolstered By Gilberts' Generous Gift

Including a gift in your will to Jacksonville State University is one of the most thoughtful ways to benefit the community. Your gift shows forethought, planning and community commitment.
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Dr. Bill Meehan and Catherine Peacock

Peacocks' Legacy of Teaching Lives on Through Scholarship

"We earned a great education at JSU," she said. "I wanted to be able to provide the same opportunities for students today to earn their degree in education from such a great institution."
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Robert Ringer

Brothers Honor the Past, Contribute to the Future of JSU

Jacksonville State University has played a pivotal role throughout the lives of Raymond and Robert Ringer, who are both '49 graduates. Now the brothers are working to honor the institution-and a highly regarded professor- who had such a resounding impact on them.
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Margaret Wilson

Prestigious Scholarship Honors Husband's Memory

"We have always hoped that our actions will inspire others and reinforce the belief that going to school matters," Margaret says. "The scholarship fits well into our way of thinking. We have often tried to make choices in our lives that strengthen and give back to society."
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